School to Home Envelopes


Information is sent home in a special envelope via the oldest child in the family.  This same information is posted on the website.  It is imperative that parents / guardians read this information.  This will help keep families informed about school activities.  Please do your part, take a few minutes to read these notes. 

Please go to the Downloads page and click on Parent Notes to see the latest issue. 




Parents of students in Grades 4 through 8 can review student progress through the MMS online application.  Please click the link here for access to the MMS Parent Portal

Teachers -- Click here for Teacher Access. 

Emergency Information


In cases of bad weather, announcements will be made via local radio and TV stations.  In general, HCE will follow the same delays, closings or early dismissals as Harrisburg School District.  

Early dismissals created by an emergency (i.e., heating or water failure) cannot be anticipated.  However, please do your part to make provisions for such circumstances, making sure your child(ren) have a relative or neighbor with whom they can stay should such an early dismissal be required.  Having an alternate plan discussed with your child will make such situations less stressful for all involved. 

Communicating with Staff


 Mrs. Berry, Bookkeeper, 

Miss Summer, HF Secretary, 

Mrs. Peters, Cathedral Secretary, Mrs. Beshara, 

Miss Gina,Cathedral Lunch Server 

Mr. Kreiser, Holy Family Lunch Server

Intermediate Unit Staff Leigh Shannon, Remedial Math Teacher, Tricia Benner, Reading Specialist, Jason Boes, Counselor, Rich Marlin, Speech and Language Specialist, Amy Sheva, ELL Specialist,

Ashley Reddig, Reading Specialist,

Communicating with Faculty


Mrs. Rushinski,
Miss Kopacko,
Mrs. Douillette,
Mrs. Kerr,
Mrs. Kreiser,
Mrs. Nelson,
Mrs. Frank,
Miss Wrightstone,
Mr. Hicks,
Mrs. Vogt,
Miss Mahnken,
Mr. Osborne,
Sister Mary Thomas,
Mrs. Bircher,
Mrs. DelCollo,

 Miss Bearley,
Mr. Rushinski, Principal,